Thousands of people apply for a career in law enforcement, where competition is tough. Many apply without knowing how much impact a poorly written cover letter can have on their future. A well-written cover letter and a high-impact resume can help you stand out from the crowd and is an investment in your future. 

Amy Britta Watt is the ONLY Certified Emergency Services Resume Specialist in the World. 

If you want a career as a police officer, border services, corrections, 9-1-1 operator, firefighter, or emergency management field, I will help you stand out.

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Amy is the founder of Police Test Tutor and is passionate about police education and helping others achieve career success. Amy has 12 years of experience as a police constable with a municipal police service in Ontario and three years of experience as a Border Services Officer. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree (with distinction) in Justice Studies and a diploma in Behavioural Science Technology. She is an emergency services professor.

Award-Winning and Master Certified Resume Writer  

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If your resume lacks information the recruiter is looking for, you probably will not be contacted to move forward. 

I will provide you with a professional, well-presented,  and powerfully written cover letter and resume so that you can stand out from the crowd. 

As a Certified Emergency Services Resume Specialist, I know what to include, what not to have, and what perspective to use in your cover letter and resume.

I aim to provide you with the greatest possible chance of moving forward in the hiring process.

Your New Cover Letter - Your new cover letter will effectively portray your experience and demonstrate how your skills and experience can benefit prospective law enforcement agencies. 

 Your New Resumé - I will carefully craft a resume for you. My goal is to enhance and strengthen your current resume's content, structure, and format to tailor it toward a career in law enforcement. I will also go the extra step to suggest courses you can take to make you more competitive. 


How will this help?
As an award-winning resume writer and interview strategist, recognized as the only Certified Emergency Services Resume Specialist in the world, I will carefully analyze your resume from an interview perspective. I add immense value by analyzing your experience with interview questions and then providing suggestions on courses, work, and volunteer experience that may help with your candidacy. 

Why invest in a professionally written resume?
Your resume is your introduction. Hundreds of applicants are vying for a position; therefore, your resume must create a positive impression. Investing in a professionally developed resume is an investment in your career.

Can you guarantee that I will get an interview?
There are many variables; therefore, no resume writing service can guarantee you will secure an interview. I can guarantee that I am committed to working with my clients to improve their resumes and improve their chances of being selected to move forward in the recruitment process. 

How many resume edits can I receive?
You will be provided with an opportunity to review your newly drafted cover letter and resume to verify that the content is correct. You are allowed two (2) sets of revisions within 10 days from the first draft. Once all edits are complete, final documents will be sent to you via email transmission.

What if I need additional edits or modifications after the 10 days?
Additional modifications or consultations will incur extra costs.

How many resume edits can I receive?
You will be provided with an opportunity to review your newly drafted cover letter and resume to verify that the content is correct. You are allowed two (2) sets of revisions within 14 days from the first draft. Once all edits are complete, a final cover letter will be presented to you via email transmission.

What program do you use to create the resumes?
Microsoft Word. You will be able to modify your new cover letter and resume. 

Will my resume look like all your other client resumes?
No. Each client receives a unique design.

How long does the process take - There are many variables; however, it is usually approximately 12 to 16 business days. 

Is rush service available?
Sometimes, I may be able to accommodate a faster deadline. If you require this, please advise me ( Rush service is an additional $100 + HST. 

Why don't I provide examples on the website? Each client receives a unique design, and each resume is carefully written so that the wording is customized to the person.  

How much should a quality resume cost?  Remember, not all resumes are created properly. When looking for a resume writer, do your due diligence and ask for their qualifications and certifications.  According to the 2023 Career Directors International survey, the average price for a quality entry-level cover letter and resume is $300 - $499 USD, which translates to $399 - $669 CAD. 

How much is the cover letter and resume service? Since resume lengths vary, this service is offered by quote. 

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