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Recipient of the 2022 Career Innovator Award 

About the Innovators:

Catharine Fennell

CEO, videoBIO
Catharine Fennell is the Founder and CEO of videoBIO Recruiter providing leading HR technology used in talent assessment by employers and in practice and preparation by job seekers.  Catharine is an authority on the current state of employer hiring practices, candidate profiling and interview assessment.  As an expert in talent interviewing, career marketing, AI and HR technology, Catharine has spent over twenty years working at the forefront of the digital recruitment technology industry.  In 2021 Catharine was awarded and recognized as one of the Top 50 women globally in Artificial Intelligence by IBM.

Amy Britta Watt
Internationally Recognized and Multi-Award Winning Career Expert
Police Test Tutor & Career Marketing Centre

Amy is the founder of Police Test Tutor and is passionate about police education and helping others achieve career success.  Amy has 12 years of experience as a police constable with a municipal police service in Ontario and three years of experience as a Border Services Officer. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree (with distinction) in Justice Studies and a diploma in Behavioural Science Technology.  She is an emergency services professor.

Amy is a 10x award-winning and 1x certified career professional.  She holds a Career Development Practitioner designation with the following certifications: Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Emergency Services Resume Specialist, Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Resume Strategist, Career Strategist, Interview Strategist and Employment Strategist.